Marcus Watkin

 Life on wheels! 

Myself and Maria Jones from the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity recently attended a fundraiser at the Cleobury Mortimer golf club

 Helping them raise money for the charity and raising awareness 



Please take a look at my blog section for upcoming events around Shrewsbury and the latest on the lift situation at the flax mill in Shrewsbury 

This is a serious issue and safety concern on Ellesmere Rd Shrewbury

The latest saga of Ellesmere Road and it's dangerous hedge that the Shropshire council seem to be ignoring despite many reports to them on their 'fix my street'


I am a member of the Rotary Club of Severn Shrewsbury 

 The Midlands Air Ambulance's 'pod'  This is used at events and taken to schools to use for pupils to look at at be able to go inside. 

Welcome to Marcus Watkin

Get a unique insight into the world from a wheelchair perspective.

 I have been a wheelchair user since 2002 following a motorcycle crash. Discover the things I do and the experiences I offer.

 I'm a great supporter of the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity who helped save my life and a member of the Rotary Club of Shrewsbury Severn

i encourage people with disabilities to try sports, mainly clay pigeon & Rifle shooting , which I have been doing for many years. 
 I'm passionate about trying to encourage the Shrewsbury councils to improve access in and around the town. 

An interesting design 

I have recently started building automatic watches

Please take a look at my watch section

this is something i enjoy and i do have some for sale

if you are interested in any, please contact me

Please contact me if you would like information about visiting Shrewsbury or just further information and I will do my best to help


Marcus Watkin
Shrewsbury England, United Kingdom

About us

Marcus Watkin offers wheelchair prospective for people , and can advise businesses on suitable wheelchair accessibility,from his 22 years of experience of being a wheelchair user.

. With a passion for accessibility and inclusivity, Marcus has a 'wheelchair eye' for accessibility issues and is striving to help others with limited mobility to enjoy their experience